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Finger Pulse Oximeter SpO2 (Blood Oxygen Saturation) and Heart Rate Monitor

  • ACCURATE AND RELIABLE-Finger Pulse Oximeter Heart Rate determine your SpO2 pulse rate and pulse strength within 10 seconds and display it conveniently on a large digital LED display accurately.
  • IRREGULAR Parameter Index INDICATOR- The irregular will show up when your SpO2 and Pulse Rate are beyond set limits.nAuditory Beeps for every detected pulse. Adjustable brightness.
  • SPORT ENTHUSIASTS – Suitable for mountain climbers, skiers, bikers, aviators or anyone interested in measuring their SpO2 and pulse rate while on the move. You should only use the pulse ox before or after your exercise. Also, you must remain stationary while the pulse oximeter measure your pulse rate and SpO2 levels.
  • CONVENIENCE – Quickly determine your SpO2 (blood oxygen saturation levels) and pulse rate (PR) readings, and display it conveniently on a large digital LED display. Oxygen meter comes with a lanyard, bring to the gym, office, or on vacation.
  • Our top priority is your satisfaction. We offer a replacement to solve all related quality issue on our finger pulse oximeter.

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